Automatic Poly Bag Paging Stand Up Pouch Labeling Machine

Item No.: 00207
Min.Order Quantity:1 Set/Sets
Supply Ability:500 Set/Sets per Month
Payment Terms:T/T,Western Union,paypal

Automatic flat surface paging labeling machine

It can be used to label all kinds of card pouch, anti-static bag and paper piece. It is suitable for unfolded carton labeling. The labeling precision is stable, the press roller is used to caress the workpiece, the transportation is stable, no warping, and the labeling precision is guaranteed.
Main Features
1)Applicable to a wide range of cards, paper sheets of PE bags, tin foil bags, tea bags and other items labeling, suitable for unfolded carton labeling.
2) Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, prevent leakage and label waste.
3) Sticker fast and steady, adopt the top roller to caress the workpiece, transport smoothly.
4)High stability, The supporting equipment runs 7 × 24 hour
5)It is made of full ss304 stainless steel,which is in line with the requirements of GMP production.

Label length 10mm~300mm(can be customized)
Label width 10mm~150mm(can be customized)
Product size W50mm~200mm
can be customized
Roll Label outer diameter 300mm~350mm(can be customized)
Roll Label inner diameter 70mm~75mm(can be customized)
Accuracy ±1mm
Label speed 30~200pcs/min
Conveyor speed 5~25m/min
Suitable label type Adhesive sticker label(Transparent lable is available)
Working air pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Voltage 220VAC ±10 50HZ
Power 2000W
Weight 260KG
Overall dimension 3000mm×800mm×1600mm

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